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T-Shirt Tuesday #9: Star Power

Star Power by Robbie Lee and Kasey Fleming

I have been terribly remiss at writing posts other than T-Shirt Tuesdays these last few weeks as I have had a number of house guests  which has drawn my attention.  Fear not, I will be back with reviews and/or discussions of Men in Black III (sigh) and Prometheus (double sigh).  Today’s featured tee is one I picked up from Threadless and is somewhat still available.

Of course, the inclusion of a robot on a tee pretty much makes it an instabuy, but this one also has a kickass girl on it and a reference to lesser known DC characters, Star Spangled Kid and her sidekick S.T.R.I.P.E which makes it mighty.  That’s it for this week’s sartorial shout-out.  I promise this will be more than just a shirt a week blog, but until my next post, keep cool (it’s hot here in Austin) and keep wearing tees!

T-Shirt Tuesday #7: Forbidden Future

Forbidden Future!

What’s not to like about this week’s featured tee?  Robots?  Check.  Sci-fi mash-up goodness featuring Forbidden Planet AND Futurama?  Check.

I managed to miss this shirt when it was first featured on Shirt.Woot, but ended up getting it when they had a special sale along with a sweet robot hoodie.  Due to a printing error that had Bender/Robby printed in gold, I received a replacement shirt with the robot in appropriate silver metallic ink as seen above.  I got to keep the very rare misprint and it has a comfy place in my closet where it has not been worn.

Aside from the iconic image of Robby the Robot, it was the fact that it featured Futurama (one of my all-time favorite shows) on it.  I cannot convey how happy I was to discover that Comedy Central had decided to resurrect this show that was cancelled well before its time.  There may be some more of these shirts floating around on the Internet so I highly recommend snagging one if you have a love for Futurama, Forbidden Planet or just robots in general.  Now I just need to find a Popplers shirt that I like.  Until next time, always obey the HypnoToad and always wear tees.

What is dispatches from catopia?

I know.  Another blog.  Really what the world needs now.

So why am I doing this?  Well, I have enjoyed reading various blogs over the past 10 or so years, but I feel like they no longer speak to me in the way they once did.  So I want to write something I would like to read.  I hope it will be an amalgam of a whole lot of stuff that I like and that I think others like me would appreciate.

For better or for worse, the Internet has something for everyone, so hopefully if you’ve found this blog – it will be for you.  If it’s not, that’s fine too.  Just keep on going, nothing to see here.

So what will I blog about?  I enjoy movies and beer, often at the same time.  So that’s something to start with.  Sometimes I’ll use this place to share a bit of awesome I’ve come across in my virtual walkabouts.  In any case, it will be a place to share beyond just the errant Facebook or Twitter update.

Now I hate to throw around the “G” word here as it has become so en vogue to do so these days.  So I won’t.  I love what I love and I won’t be ashamed to say so, but I know not all of it is Geek-cool, in the ironic hipster way.  When I wear a shirt with a cat/robot/zombie/Tardis on it, I wear it because I like it, not because I think it is ironic.  Irony be damned.

So why catopia?  Years ago when I was in grade school, I wrote a sweeping story called, “Beyond the Horizon.” It was about a girl who encounters a magical perfect place inhabited by cats.  It was a catopia (utopia +cats) called Catmandu (forgive me, I was nine.)

So now this is my perfect place in the big scary world of the Internet.  And we know the Internet is full of cats.