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T-Shirt Tuesday #15: Storytellers

Storytellers by Maxim Cyr

Happy Tuesday!  As summer is winding to a close, I thought about how I used to spend summers as a child.  Back then, the days were filled with swimming and the afternoons when it rained (as it often did in Southern Louisiana in the summer) involved reading.  This week’s sartorial shout-out, Storytellers hearkens back to those days when sleeping late was the norm, PB&Jelly was a main component of my diet, and books were my own secret world.  At least books are a constant as an adult.  Take a look and see if you can name all the books referenced on this tee.  Here’s a better view.

Storytellers is currently sold out on Threadless, but they often reprint tees and not surprisingly, this is a popular one so keep checking back if you want one for your very own.  They do still have kids & infant sizes available and I think it would be awesome for any kid.

So sometimes when life as an adult gets a little overwhelming, pick up a book and escape.  You’ll be glad you did.  Until next time, have a lemonade, read a book & keep wearing tees!

And now my childhood desires are met (Well one of them . . .)

One of my earliest memories is my 4th birthday party. It was Wonder Woman themed, complete with a Wonder Woman-shaped cake. I’m pretty sure whoever made it used this pan except without the creepy plastic face. One drawback of this awesome cake was the fact that the black icing used for her hair tasted like evil. Gag.

Other than the horrible black icing, it was one of the most perfect childhood birthdays. I was a massive fan of the Wonder Woman TV show starring Lynda Carter. So much so that I used to run around the house in my WW Underoos wearing a couple of my mother’s golden bangles as my bullet-deflecting cuffs. My “lasso of Truth” was a jump rope. Good Times.

Truth be told, I haven’t read much recent WW comics, but my love for her has never waned. So when I saw that Converse was offering Wonder Woman Chuck Taylors, I lost it. While I may no longer have my Underroos, these would do nicely for general crime-fighting. Full disclosure: I already own the Converse Catwoman Chuck Taylors but they were bought mainly because they were a fantastic purple (OK and also because they had Catwoman on them).

Sure they are pricey, but they will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get an Invisible Plane.