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T-Shirt Tuesday #14: El Guapo’s Pinata Emporium

Oh The Three Amigos, how I love thee and this week’s tee is a perfect nod to that film.  I picked this one up in a trade at Teetrade.org, a wonderful site that makes it easy for you to trade a tee that was bought on a whim after a few too many (drinks or hours of gaming) for something you might actually wear.

Though this particular tee is no longer available on Shirt.Woot!, this one is currently available on Threadless!  Although it doesn’t reference The Three Amigos, it sure made me laugh.  I kind of think of it as 50 Shades of Pinata.

Speaking of NSFW pinatas, take a gander at the newest episode of De-Pixelated from Blue Goggles Films!

Wow!  Who knew pinatas were such a thing?  Maybe they’re the new mustache.  Until next time – Viva le Tee!

OMG Awesomeness! : De-Pixelated – Operation Raccoon City

Looks like a typical high school to me

A couple of weeks ago I, along with the rest of the Blue Goggles family, spent 24 hours during the span of a weekend, shooting what would become the first episode in the new show De-Pixelated on GameTrailers.com.  As with all Blue Goggles productions, the shoot was tons of fun even when sleep was at a deficit.  Filming in a school overnight with about a dozen or so zombie extras?  Yes, please!  So glad the film is now out there for the world to see.

If you like the Resident Evil franchise or if you just like some good old zombie survival horror, then you should check this out. Even if you don’t, you should watch it to see what can be made with a rather small budget and a lot of hard work by people who are passionate about what they are doing.

T-shirt Tuesday – Inaugural Edition

I have an unabashed love of t-shirts.  Not only are they oh so comfy, but they are a nice way of letting folks know what you like.  Also, they tend to be relatively cheap.  While I have always been on the look out for fun tees, the abundance of daily/biweekly/monthly shirt sites has both emptied my wallet and filled my closet within the past year.   Because of this (and the fact that I am somewhat lazy and this gives me an easy blog entry) I have decided to feature one of my many (and ever growing collection) of T-shirts.  So I present to you, gentle readers, the inaugural edition of T-shirt Tuesday.

Since this is the first of hopefully many T-shirt Tuesdays, I wanted it to be special.  The featured tee, though quite new, is one near and dear to my heart as it is for Blue Goggles Films.  Blue Goggles Films is an Austin based production company focusing on video game inspired content. Pretty cool, huh?   Over the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to work with them on a number of short films, so having a way to advertise for these guys makes me so happy.  Check out their YouTube channel, subscribe, and all that good stuff because there are a number of fun shorts planned for the coming months.

Check out one of my personal favorites below.

If you dig the tee or you just want to give a sartorial shout-out to a kick-ass production company, pick up your very own Blue Goggles T-shirt !  That’s it for the first T-shirt Tuesday.  Until next time, live long and wear T-shirts.