I happen to live in Austin, TX with my husband & catchildren(TM) after being born and raised in New Orleans, LA.  There were sojourns (some brief and others not so brief) in Central Indiana and Southern California.  Many of my interests revolve around food, drinks, and film – sometimes all at once.  I have collected books, movies and cats over the past years to the point that they fill most spaces within my house.   When I am not busy doing other things such as playing video/computer games or collecting comic art, I think about my science-punk novel trilogy I will write someday.

2 responses to “About

  1. Lisa, I love reading your work and good luck with this blog. Do us all a favor: write the outline and some character sketches for your science-punk trilogy. If you already have the idea, don’t sit on it — start writing. Please! For all of us 🙂

  2. Tim – thanks for the kind words. I have the plot of the first book pretty well outlined, but I am still working on the main character and doing some research. Shawn’s been telling me for years to actually write some of the ideas I come up with. I think this one will actually come to fruition. At least i hope. Again, thanks for the nudge 🙂

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